449 Kavalala

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Li Du had an old-fashioned Nokia phone; he gave it to him. "Let's trade."

The old man shook his head. "No, not this phone. I meant a smartphone, like Apple, Samsung… I want a phone that can install apps!"

Hans sneered, "You're quite updated. You know so much about the outside world."

The old man giggled, "We Hopi are not like the Amish. We accept advancement."

"If that's the case," Li Du said, "why don't you use dollars to trade in your tribe?"

The old man said, "Our ancestors set this rule!"

Alright, another rule set by the ancestors. Li Du sighed and waved to Hans. Hans unwillingly took out his phone and gave it to him.

After he saw the new iPhone, the old man's eyes lit up. "Yes, this is what I'm talking about!"

Li Du said, "I can give it to you, but to trade for a copper plate only? I wouldn't do such business unless I were crazy."

"What else do you want?" the old man asked.

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