407 Just Scram

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When the group arrived at the office, they wanted to just barge in.

Li Du made a loud snap with his fingers. Godzilla and Big Quinn stopped the disgruntled treasure hunters. He said, "Don’t be rash. I’ll go in with Big Fox first to find out what’s going on."

They opened the door and saw Frank and York.

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The office of the storage company was just a small room with one vertical air conditioner. There were some tables, and a few people sat around one table chatting and drinking some beer.

Frank, York and Rick were seen together with two white middle-aged men. Both of them had beer bellies and similar features; one of them was wearing a dark blue policeman uniform.

The moment Frank and York saw Li Du, their faces showed a contemptuous sneer, whereas Rick was expressionless. He just glanced at Li for a while and turned away.

But Li Du could feel Rick’s viciousness and hatred toward him. Li couldn’t understand why Rick was always targeting him.

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