1158 Just Pay

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Through the little bug's eyes, Li Du saw something wrong with the top of the box.

In order to create a festive atmosphere, both the inside and outside of the box were plastered with red paper, but there was a place at the top of the wallpaper that was pink, both ends featuring something that looked like small clip settings.

The inside of the box was as smooth as ever, and one couldn't touch anything with one's hands, but it was possible to see something was wrong.

Li Du was startled, and let the little bug fly up to the top of the box to take a look.

There was a red ticket, a grand prize ticket!

Because he took a long time to draw his ticket, the tourists in the back complained, "Hurry up, boy. Why are you taking so much time?"

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"Hey, you big man, why are you doing things in such a manner?"

"Draw a prize quickly, don't damn delay us!"

The worker nearby smiled and said politely, "Sir, please hurry up."

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