1083 Just A Bunch Of Wimps

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It was a splendid sunny day in Miami.

The beaming midday sun shone in when the warehouse door opened and dazzled


His lips trembled as he gave Li Du a blank stare. His hands started to tremble too,

followed by his entire body.

Brother Wolf then warned him, "Your hands are definitely not as quick as mine, so don't

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act rashly!"

Brother Wolf was worried that Caddy had a gun in his possession and that he would

shoot in despair if he saw Li Du and felt hopeless.

In fact, he overestimated Caddy. His position as a mogul wasn't gained by his own hard

work, but largely because he had an uncle as the chief of the police department. Hence,

the gangsters were willing to bend before him.

Caddy had no courage to fight back when Li Du showed up.

Li Du smiled and asked, "What about my car?"

Caddy lowered his head helplessly and whispered, "Goddammit, you are out, you had

been released!"

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