1154 Joining a Tour

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When Li Du returned, his parents asked him immediately upon seeing him, "What happened? What happened to Sophie's parents?"

"Summer cold and heatstroke," Li Du said helplessly. "They have to stay in the hospital. The doctor estimated that they can only be released in two days."

Li Du mother said, "You see? The remedies of our ancestors are so effective. We had to drink a glass of warm water to get rid of the coldness in our bodies as we suddenly transited from winter to summer. Then we had to drink a bottle of the Huo Xiang tonic…"

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Li Du's father frowned and interrupted her, "So you know best, we get it. Please don't talk about it in front of Sophie. What would she think?"

Feeling wronged, Li Du's mother said, "What did I say? I didn't say anything rude. Besides, I'm not stupid, why would I talk to Sophie about that?"

Li Du smiled. "It's okay, it's nothing. It's just a cold. I will take you guys tomorrow to have fun. Let have a good rest tonight."

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