718 It Was Your Doing

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After looking at it from various angles, Li Du felt that the person who would have an especially strong hatred toward him was the vicious auctioneer.

With a cold look on his face, he walked out of the room. The police had already squeezed their way to the entrance of the corridor from the outside and were currently pushing against Godzilla and his group, who were led by Hans. An old African American policeman shouted in a stern voice, "Move aside, don't hinder us in carrying out our official duties. Otherwise, I will arrest all of you!"

Hans frowned and complained indignantly, "Sorry officer, this d*mn corridor is too narrow. D*mn it, d*mn it, I want to move aside but can't."

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The excuse that he had come up with was very tenable. The basement, which looked like a small inn, had been remodeled by the dumpster diving master, whereby both sides of the basement were partitioned into rooms and all that was left was a corridor.

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