727 It Turned Out to Be the Enemy

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After hearing Sophie's words, the officer reacted brilliantly. He waved and said, "Temporary spot check. All tourists please walk through the inspection lane. Thank you for your cooperation."

He had a good working attitude and even bowed after finishing his sentence.

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So, the whole line of people had nothing to say and no choice but to walk gloomily through the inspection lane.

Now Li Du and the Brooks family weren't the only ones in the inspection lane. There were other early passengers, too. They had fallen on bad luck and had to walk back to check their luggage.

Li Du and the others had the most luggage. They would have to unload the luggage on the cart and reload it later. It would be a waste of time.

That was exactly what Brooks wanted to see. He smiled triumphantly and walked quickly with his wife down the inspection lane.

Li Du sneered. He gave Godzilla a wink, and Godzilla strode up and stopped the Australians.

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