1075 It Is Always Good To Have More Skills

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Li Du didn't seem too happy, and so the black man's face showed even more anxiety.

He said, "My friend, I've already offered you my friendship, please don't ask for more."

This big hunk was going to taunt Li Du. He had gotten word from outside that someone

wanted him to take care of Li Du and his friends, until they gave out something, and

then he would get his reward.

Who knew that as soon as he took action, he would be the one at downwind? The

prison guards had come and gone, and for some reason even they did not dare to touch

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Li Du.

As the big man overheard the conversation between Li Du and the guards, he learned

that this Chinese guy apparently was an important person and that the police threw him

into the jail unlawfully as they didn't figure out his situation.

America had a reputation of being the beacon of democracy and was also known as the

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