460 It’s Not Quite Right

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"What's not quite right?" replied Li Du unhappily. "You better apologize again—your silly prank has caused a lot of trouble!"

Rose pouted and remarked, "You can't blame me. You should have informed me that you were having guests today."

"Well, you shouldn't have pulled this prank," chided Li Du in a low tone. "And why didn't you open the door yourself?"

Rose batted her eyelashes innocently. "I forgot my keys..."

At that instant, Li Du felt like vomiting blood.

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Rose could feel Li was really infuriated about this and wanted to make amends. She opened the door to her study and smiled, hoping to appease Li Du's anger, "Why not use this room and continue your discussion here? We'll be having lunch here and leave once we're done."

Ding Xiaofeng seemed disturbed and hastily rejected the suggestion. "No, no, no, we're not staying, we can go somewhere else to talk."

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