1133 It’s Not Me

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When the bidding hit forty thousand, Princeps called out, "Forty-one thousand dollars!"

Hearing that, Li Du shook his head and stopped bidding.

The treasure hunters from Phoenix did not want to give up and asked, "Will you hand it

over to that Tucson bastard?"

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"Let him take it," Li Du said.

"What did you see?" someone asked.

At that point, there was nothing to hide anymore. Li Du took out a high-definition, large

image of warehouse number 21 and showed it to the treasure hunters. He pointed to a

few spots on the image and said, "Look here, here, and here. See something?"

"Nope," The treasure hunters replied honestly.

"This is a reflective mirror. This is part of a wheel. This is the bottom half of the

nameplate. The above spells 'HAR' and the bottom spells 'IDSON'. If I did not guess

wrong, the letters on the nameplate should spell out, 'HARLEY-DAVIDSON'. The top

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