400 It’s Ah Ow’s Turn

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After the party, Li Du distributed the pork.

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"Kept these pork ribs for Godzilla—and, of course, we can enjoy the ribs together."

Godzilla smiled. He placed the pork ribs into the freezer. He thought for a moment, then he put a pile of ice on top of the pork ribs so they were well-kept.

"Keep this piece of pork steak for Hannah. I will send it to her personally, along with this rib. Hannah likes to eat ribs."

Hans said, "Why? I can help you to bring it to her."

Li Du looked at him, "D*mn it, I spent the money to buy this. Why I should I allow you to pass this to Hannah as a gift? I'll send it myself."

"D*mn you!" Hans said.

Li Du distributed a large piece of ham and a large piece of pork shoulder to Big Quinn. "This front leg and this sirloin are all for you."

Big Quinn was excited and said, "Boss, this is too much."

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