424 Investigation

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The security guard smelled something wasn't right—he wasn't an idiot. He crossed his arms, deliberately showing off his pecs. Using an arrogant voice, he said, "What is it? I'm still on shift, so let's just talk here."

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"Nothing big," Hans said. "Come on, follow me outside."

Li Du was watching the whole scene from the parking lot with a telescope. He sneered when he saw how the security guard reacted.

That guard is definitely guilty, he thought. He even showed off his pecs when facing a weak-looking guy like Hans. Obviously, he was scared that Hans would cause trouble for him. That's why he tried to intimidate him.

The security guard didn't try to do it on his own; he called out his colleague and said to Hans, "Don't waste my time and speak now! I don't wanna get caught by my boss!"

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