956 Into The Grasslands

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Looking at the black bodies, Li Du felt despair.

Isn't that bullshit? How can you test the purity of a man by doing this?

However, it was clear that the Zulu men did not question the precision of these two

criteria, and considered the lessons of their ancestors to be more reliable than the

science of white men.

The lion hunter obviously disliked this so-called "sacred ceremony". He came to the

scene, kept a sneer on his face throughout it, and spoke with irony during the exchange

with the chief.

Realizing this, Li Du asked, "Why did you participate if you thought it was wrong? Isn't

this kind of activity an insult to the young people?"

"Perhaps, but I must join in, since it is a way of showing my tribal status. Besides, why

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would I go against the Zulu king?" said the lion hunter.

The lion hunter also told him that the Zulu ritual had run into legal difficulties, and that

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