1115 Interest

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Li Du was just about to speak when the situation turned awkward.

He looked at the smiling Carlston and the grinning Cole. Then he sat back down in his


He could sit back and enjoy the show now – it was time for Cole and Carlston to fight.

Li Du remembered Aubrey Tilden. He was originally British, around forty to fifty years

old. He often spoke with his eyes squinted and he was an investor. Harry Winston Inc.

was one of his largest portfolios.

Li Du remembered him so clearly because when Li Du and Carlston had a conflict

previously, many shareholders had supported Carlston.

Out of them, Aubrey Tilden had been most enthusiastic. He was a central figure in

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Carlston's camp.

Now that his main supporter had switched camps at such an important moment,

Carlston felt it like a stab in the back.

Li Du could tell that Aubrey Tilden was a key figure that Cole had implanted in

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