1074 Instant Noodles

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A stern-looking German and a burly Mexican with fierce eyes appeared behind the dark-

skinned men.

Godzilla stretched out his arms and, like an orangutan pulling weeds, pushed away

several black men. He looked at Li Du and said in a muffled voice, "Boss, is everything

all right?"

Li Du put down the plastic plate and bowl, and said leisurely, "What problem could we


Brother Wolf stared at the black men, his eyes as cruel and sharp as a real wolf's.

Some of the black men looked at him uncomfortably and turned away in


There were more spectators, but they did not gather round, choosing to stare from their

tables instead.

Li Du looked at the big black man and said, "You have the advantage in numbers. What

do you want? Do you want to fight?"

The man reached out, pushed him and snapped, "Looks like you don't know…"

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