1124 Inspection

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The arrival of the police brought Li Du some trouble. However, he did not regret using

his taser gun. After Princeps was taken away, it was peaceful around Li Du and he felt

more at ease.

As they did not manage to find the taser gun and because it was not a serious issue,

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the policemen only gave Li Du a warning before they left, telling him not to make trouble

by the border.

They were now almost exactly at the border. A few hundred meters away was a long

and high iron fence. That was the infamous 'US-Mexico Iron Wall'. It was known as

North America's version of the Berlin Wall.

That iron fence was unlike those at sports fields or around houses. The fence was

fundamentally a row of straight, vertical steel columns. The end of the fence could not

be distinguished as the row went down too far to be seen.

Looking at the steel fence, Li Du sighed. "It is just like a huge harp, but it does not play

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