17 Inaccurate Information

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A beautifully carved wooden table was placed outside of the Mexican restaurant. On it, the blooming dahlias seemed to be especially realistic. Li Du sat on one side with a shot glass in front of him while a drunk white guy sat across from him.

About a hundred people surrounded the table, and each of them wore vastly different expressions of shock.

"Another shot please," Li Du calmly stated.

A young Mexican man stood on the side and took out a new glass, pouring out a clear water-like liquid. He carefully and reverently placed it in front of Li Du.

Li Du picked up the shot glass and guzzled what was in it. The next moment, he unconsciously creased his eyebrows and took a breath to get rid of the lingering taste before praising, "Good alcohol! Sh*t! This tequila is f*cking great!"

This sight sent a chill up the spine of everyone watching.

"Hey, who is this guy? That alcohol tolerance is insane!"

"F*ck, is he really drinking tequila? I only ever last two shots before puking it all out!"

"That Lucas is quite unlucky. Thankfully, the only thing they bet on was the bill. If slavery were legal, this idiot would have to sell himself as a slave to pay it off!"

The young Mexican man poured another shot before placing it front of brawny Lucas. "It's your turn."

Sitting in front of Lucas was also a row of empty shot glasses. However, one could clearly see the red color that dyed his face, his unfocused eyes, and smell the strong stench of alcohol coming off of him. With his body unsteadily swaying, it was clear that he was very drunk.

Nevertheless, seeing the shot in front of him, he shakily took the glass and drank it, showing his resolve.

"Good job!"

"Nice going!"


"That's our Lucas!"

However, this time Lucas really couldn't handle it anymore. The alcohol slowly dripped from the side of his mouth, drenching his shirt.

Li Du waved to the teen for another glass and again gulped it down with a small frown.

As the alcohol entered his stomach, he quickly converted it into energy using the power of the little bug. Like before, he still hadn't recovered his stamina, so none of the alcohol entered his blood.

However, tequila was still an infamous Mexican spirit with a very strong taste. As Li Du drank, he felt as if his mouth was being torn apart by knives.

He didn't enjoy the taste. When he drank the tequila, it seemed like some form of torture.

Thankfully, Lucas was in an even worse state. He had already drunk over twenty shots, equaling to over two thousand milliliters of tequila. This amount was more than enough to put a normal person to sleep.

The crowd was amazed by Li Du's capacity for liquor. Clapping, whistling, and the sound of cameras snapping could be heard from around the table. Li Du was the God of Booze, shocking everyone present. At this moment, no one looked down on him because of his race.

When it was Lucas's turn again, his hand was shaking as it held the shot glass, almost as if he was picking up a very heavy hammer.

"Finish it, Lucas!"

"Embarrass these Flagstaff country bumpkins!"

Lucas took a deep breath, closed his eyes and poured the drink into his mouth.

He really couldn't drink anymore. There seemed to be a tear on the side of his mouth, and the tequila started rushing out.

On the side, Hans let out a wicked smirk and pretended to puke, making a gagging sound.

Hearing this, Lucas couldn't hold it in anymore. Like a man holding in his pee hearing the sound of a waterfall, he collapsed on the table, spewing out all of the alcohol.

The owner of the restaurant came over and announced, "Alright, Hans's Chinese buddy is the winner. Lucas will have to pay the bill."

"Not yet, it's not over yet," Li Du said.

"Buddy, he has already collapsed, don't overdo it," the owner grimly stated.

"No, we bet that the loser would have to pay for this meal, and we haven't eaten anything yet. Big Fox, come over here and start ordering," Lu Du replied.

The crowd gasped at Li Du's request.

"Two servings of spicy tortillas, two tamales, and a Mexican style barbecue pork steak. Also, let's also try a couple of shots of your Emerald tequilas. Just this stuff for now," Hans smirked.

The Mexican owner frowned. "Do you know how much a shot of Emerald tequila costs?"

"Who cares? Someone will take care of the bill either way," Hans said indifferently. "Unless you guys can't afford it. Then we can call it a day."

This immediately caused a wave of displeased murmuring in the surrounding crowd.

The owner of the restaurant stared at Hans fiercely. Finally, he nodded at the teenage server. Soon, an emerald glass of alcohol and multiple plates of food were placed in front of Li Du and Hans.

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Several Mexicans sat at the next table with strained expressions. They were waiting for the opportunity to beat them up because, at this type of buffet, you had to finish everything you ordered.

However, the Mexican food there was very authentic, so Li Du happily finished the plates and continued asking for more.

"Sh*t, is this now an eating competition?"

"This time Lucas really lost big," someone pitied.

"It's only a meal. How much can it be?" someone else asked.

"These dishes already cost over a hundred dollars for one serving, and they've ordered four! Although I don't know how much the tequila they drank before costs, this Emerald brand is high class and sells for twelve hundred dollars!"

Li Du drank the tequila as if he were drinking tea.

Hans felt as if his heart broke and immediately stopped Li Du. "Yo, buddy, leave some for me."

It was only after four servings that Li Du finally let out a satisfied belch. By then, the Mexican owner's expression could not have appeared worse. He was Lucas's cousin. He thought that his cousin had a very high alcohol tolerance, and had wanted to extort Li Du and Hans for a large amount of money. However, now, he could only force more debt onto Lucas.

Under the admiring gaze of everyone, Li Du and Hans swaggered away.

As they got into the car, Li Du's expression immediately changed. "Big Fox, do you really find it amusing making me do the dirty work?" Li Du was not stupid. He could see that Hans was using him to teach that guy a lesson.

"Okay, I apologize. I have some issues with Lucas. However, he's one of the most well-connected treasure hunters, so I was also getting rid of one of our most powerful competitors," Hans explained.

The Cactus Storage Company's auction would be held the day after tomorrow, and with Lucas down with alcohol poisoning for at least a week, there was no way he could attend it.

"Also, I've heard that Lucas contacted a couple of managers from the Cactus company. That bast*rd probably knows where the Yamaha is located."

As Li Du continued to glare at him, Hans raised his hand and swore, "I swear upon my profession, I'm not lying!"

At this, Li Du only let out a snort.

"Alright, then I swear upon my love for Hannah that I'm telling the truth!"

At this, Li Du finally believed him.

When Li Du woke up the next day, he was filled with a lot of energy from the food and alcohol he consumed the day earlier.

With not much time left, Li Du quickly toured the rest of the six storage units of the Cactus company. Even though he once again used up almost all of his energy, he was still unable to find the Yamaha!

Thankfully, they found the set of drums that the bikers talked about, along with a beautiful red grand piano in the unit next-door.

These two items were both quite nice, and probably were the most valuable items in those eleven storages. But Li Du was still frustrated about the missing Yamaha motorcycle!

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