1267 In The Hole

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The lake island's territory was quite large, covering several thousand square meters. It was full of weeds and had no trees. However, the weeds could reach as high as a man's waist.

The lakeside soil was soft. When Brother Wolf wanted to step on it, Li Du stopped him and threw Ah Meow ahead.

Ah Meow landed lightly, but his feet sank down in the mud, and Li Du shook his head. "No, we can't get off here."

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Li Du was very careful since he almost drowned in the swamp. Life was really beautiful, and he had no intention to part with it anytime soon!

Brother Wolf threw a piece of wood forward and stepped on it. After he probed the soil this way, he nodded and said, "No problem here."

Li Du and the others got off the boat. There was no need to worry about crocodiles, snakes or other deadly killers here. The climate was too cold for such beasts to live here.

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