1130 Imposing

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Leaving Mexico with an unconscious man previously deported from the United States

was not easy.

Leaving Mexico wasn't much of a challenge. Li Du approached the border control

officials, slipped them $100,000 and took Driver along with him as the border patrol

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turned a blind eye.

On the United States side, not everything could be solved by slipping people money.

These days, bribery could be prosecuted, and Li Du might face deportation himself.

Fortunately, Hans had an idea. He shouted, "My man has fainted! He is unconscious.

Help! Everybody help, call the doctor please!"

The border police stopped them, insisting that they could not cross. "You can pass, but

he can't. He doesn't have the legal documents!"

Hans tried tricking them by being unreasonable and making a scene. He shouted,

"Could you please save him first? Dude, how can you be so heartless? He might be

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