170 Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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Arizona was one of the states part of the Four Corners region. It had borders with New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California—the four of which all came together at one point—and also a border with Mexico.

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Illegal activities such human trafficking, and smuggling goods, had been rampant along the borders with Mexico. Not only in Arizona, but in other states as well.

As Mexico was a coastal country, it had well-established trade routes, roads and highways; no doubt important characteristic that helped smugglers bring goods into other states from there.

The news that Hans had gotten was that a batch of smuggled goods was being hidden in a storage unit at The Vagabond’s Storage Company.

According to American Laws, smuggled automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles would be seized once they were found to be smuggled goods; anyone found related to the case would be put under investigation and held accountable.

Checks conducted on vehicles were based on verification of the license plates.

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