782 Illegal Immigration

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The yacht docked at Devonport, which was a great deepwater port that had no black gold abalone in its waters. Even if there were black gold abalones, free-diving was not possible in its waters without the help of any tools.

As such, there were no black gold abalone harvesters in the port's waters.

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While Li Du and the others carried coolers onto the port, Lu Guan gave the buyer a call and told him that the deal would take place in Railton, which was behind Devonport.

Godzilla, Brother Wolf, Li Du, and Hans, who held a cooler each, distributed themselves around Lu Guan and looked, argus-eyed, at their surroundings.

While Lu Guan was talking unceasingly on the phone, Hans got tired of waiting and turned back to ask, "Hey, mate, who's the lovely lady you are spending such a long time talking to?"

"Of course I'm not talking to a lady. I'm catching up with him," Lu Guan said sternly.

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