158 Iced Rice Wine  

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Phoenix was a very hot place; the temperature could easily soar to 100 degrees during summer.

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So how long did the summer last? Starting in the middle of June, while spring hung on in many other places, they would already start to prepare for mid-summer here.

Li Du and Ah Meow were strolling on the street, but in merely an hour, they were soaked in sweat.

It was even worse for Ah Meow, as the cat's fur could not allow more heat to dissipate. So it stuck its tongue out like a dog. It gave up eventually and climbed up a thick tree, refusing to move at all.

Mr. Li waved and said, "Come on, come down now. Let’s go home."

Ah Meow looked at him suspiciously, and continue to stick its tongue out.

"Let’s go home. There’s air conditioning. Look, I can’t stand the heat either!" Mr. Li wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Seeing this, Ah Meow started to trust him. It jumped down from the tree and got into the backpack quickly. It used its claws to open the backpack for some fresh air.

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