1298 Iceberg

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Pointing in the direction of the iceberg, Li Du said, "This iceberg can move in the sea even though it is so big, which means it's in a current, right?"

Brother Wolf nodded. "Yes, it moves with the current and sea breeze, with the current as the main force."

Li Du went to the captain and said, "There's no need to hurry and make a U-turn as we try to get around the iceberg. We'll wait for the pirate ship to approach."

The captain opened his eyes wide and cried, "Waiting for the pirate ship to approach? What is this for? Do you mean to fight them? No, sir, saving our lives is more important!"

Li Du said, "Our firepower is not bad, and we don't know the extent of theirs. I say we should test it out first. If their firepower is inferior to ours, it would mean we have an advantage."

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The captain looked at him as if he were a maniac. "What if their firepower is greater than ours?"

"What else can we do? We'll keep running away."

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