1173 Ice Ship

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The rock that Li Du was holding had a mass that did not match its look. The rock was the size of a volleyball or slightly smaller. If it were a granite, it would weigh at least ten kilograms.

However, the rock only weighed a few kilograms. Li Du could lift it up with just one hand. One of the possible reasons for that could be that the rock resembled a beehive and had many small holes on its surface.

Steve was ecstatic and called out, "Give it here, hurry, let me have a look."

Steve squeezed his way through again, bumping into even more penguins than before. Hence, he had also provoked more penguins, and around a dozen angry birds started to gang up to attack him.

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One of the bodyguards rushed forward to protect Steve, but the two of them could only retreat when the penguins poked them harshly.

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