267 I Will Keep Drinking

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Li Du drank a mouthful of the whiskey they had made. It had a powerful kick to it. Once the liquor touched his lips, it seemed to explode throughout his taste buds.

"Woah. What a strong drink," he exclaimed.

Godzilla was holding a bottle of liquor in one hand and a grilled chicken thigh in the other. He was feasting happily and seemed to be in high spirits. To him, the hard liquor didn’t seem much different from beer, and was just an accompaniments to the food.

Rose originally chose beer, but after two cans felt that it didn’t have enough kick, so she switched to whiskey too.

Sophie’s eyes widened in surprise. "Rose, are you sure you want to drink such a strong liquor? I feel that you should go with beer instead."

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Rose downed half a cup of whiskey and replied casually, "This is nothing. Every night at home I drink a glass of whiskey."

Sophie handed a glass of freshly squeezed juice to her. "At least have some juice."

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