160 I Was Egotistical

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Godzilla was a good subordinate and hatchet man.

A good hatchet man was good at hitting, but also good at observing. He had to know how to do the right thing at the right time.

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Li Du didn’t smoke, but he took away the cigarette end from Hans. He followed the Father and Son of Dog Ears.

The flaming cigarette butt landed in his mouth. Lil’ Rick was shocked; he spat the cigarette out, but his lips were burnt, and he moaned in pain.

Lil’ Rick had brought some people to act as his muscle, but, no one saw that it was Li Du who threw the cigarette. They could guess what was going on. Without evidence, however, they could not raise their hands to hit him.

Of course, the main reason was the tower-like, bulky man standing behind Li Du.

Dog Ears Rick was not afraid of Godzilla. He was furious when he saw that his son was being bullied. "You are playing with fire!" He grabbed his collar and snapped at him.

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