97 I Hate Your Guts

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Li Du didn't want to be the third wheel for the two couples. Moreover, he felt unwelcome from the glances the two men kept shooting him.

But before he could say a word, Hans spoke, "Cool, it's more fun when there's more people, and we're both amateurs when it comes to trucks. If we could get some professional help, that would be really great!"

"Yeah, great," Li Du had no choice but to agree.

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The showroom for heavy-duty trucks was enormous. The magnificent beasts of steel were lined up in display; amongst these trucks, there was one in particular that caught Li Du's eye.

The truck was red with blue, fiery patterns. The side exhaust pipes stood tall like dragon horns, and the frontal view of the truck was wide and square. It was eye-catching indeed.

Li Du couldn't contain his excitement; he enthusiastically ran toward the truck. "Oh my god—it's Prime, it's Prime!"


"Prime! Optimus Prime!"

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