821 I Did It All

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A car zoomed into the community hospital at Lightning Ridge, and two big miners pulled Blanchett out of the car like a dead dog.

A miner shouted with all his might, "Doctor! Nurse! There is a patient who has been bitten by poisonous snakes! Hurry up! Blanchett was bitten by a snake!"

Blanchett appeared frail but said angrily, "Be quiet, stupid. Do you want to tell the whole town about this stupid thing?"

The miner smiled and said, "Sorry, boss. I'm in a hurry."

"That's a real dumb*ss," Blanchett mumbled.

"Don't be angry, boss," said another miner. "Anger can lead to faster blood flow, then the venom will spread through your body faster, and you might not be able to be saved."

When they heard that someone had been bitten by a snake, emergency doctors and nurses at the community hospital rushed in and used a gurney to push Blanchett into the hospital.

The two miners were standing at the hospital's entrance. One of them said, "You shouted too loud just now!"

The miner grinned. "I did it on purpose. I didn't bring my bullhorn, or I would shout all over New South Wales." They looked at each other and laughed.

That same day, the news that Blanchett had been bitten by a poisonous snake reached Li Du's ears. He had just returned to his hotel and was getting ready to sleep. When he heard the news, he burst out laughing. "This b*stard has really bad luck."

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Godzilla looked at Brother Wolf and said, "It's all your fault."

Li Du looked over in surprise and asked, "Hey, how's that?"

Lu Guan said, "I bet that b*stard kicked the lobster pot. Brother Wolf hid a snake under the pot. He was bitten by that snake."

Li Du frowned and said, "Will it kill him?"

Blanchett had cheated him out of half a million dollars. It was awful, but not awful enough to kill him over. After all, Li Du had cheated him back, earned some money, and even had a great harvest of black opals.

Brother Wolf said, "He's in no danger. That was a red-bellied black snake that Ah Meow had caught."

The red-bellied black snake was venomous, but it did not even rank among the top 20 venomous snakes in Australia. Its venom could cause blood clotting disorders and damage muscles and nerves, but it was rarely fatal. According to the literature, there were no confirmed deaths from red-bellied black snake bites in Australia.

Brother Wolf continued, "I saw this snake, and I took out its poison. The venom of the red-bellied black snake is slow, but it can cause severe pain in the bitten limb."

There was no danger to life, and Li Du was glad to see that Blanchett had learned his lesson.

Not only Li Du, but others were happy to see it, too.

That evening, Li Du woke up and went out to eat. He met several miners in the restaurant. They clapped and said, "You're great, mate."

"Why is that?"

"Blanchett is a cunning b*stard who's been doing this to other people, and this was the first time he was scammed back, up to a million. Haha, millions, and he spent a million just to buy a sh*t mine from you." The miner laughed.

"But Li Du did mine a lot of gems," one miner said. "So, how can mine 115 be a sh*t mine?"

This was what everyone wondered, and Blanchett had fallen for it.

If other mine owners or miners were to use such tactics against him, he would not have been easily fooled. He would have doubted the gems' origins. However, Li Du was different. He had just arrived in Lightning Ridge and was a total stranger.

Faced with the miners' doubts, Li Du laughed and said, "Let's just say I have a secret identity. I'm a major shareholder of Harry Winston."

The Harry Winston group, one of the world's top luxury gem-making groups, had recently become a global celebrity in the luxury industry. After more than half a year, Winston had cut the fire opal provided by Li Du perfectly and released the product pre-sale. A large number of luxury products were also launched, which attracted a lot of upper-class attention.

Hearing this, the miners were shocked and then looked at Li Du with admiration and awe. They had no idea about Harry Winston's plight, or that the world's top luxury goods group had nearly been bought on the cheap.

As a major shareholder, it was no wonder that Li Du could easily take out 550,000 Australian dollars to buy a sh*t mine!

"Plus, I can tell you one more thing. Blanchett was bitten by a red-bellied black snake, which is also the trap that my man set up," Li Du added.

It may have drawn hate and created unnecessary conflict for him, but it could also serve as a warning to others who did not mean him well. That's what it was like in Australia, a country where people were brutal and brutish. To be respected there, you had to show your hard fist and sharp teeth.

Sure enough, after he said this, the miners looked at him with even more awe. Likewise, Li Du had offended Blanchett more severely.

When word came from the miners that it all had been a trap set by Li Du, he became so angry that he threw several things in the hospital, and eventually the nurse had to give him a shot of tranquilizer. That news gave the town another burst of glee.

Because of the successful trap that Blanchett had fallen into, many people admired Li Du very much. He could make money off of Blanchett while making him suffer so much pain. It was really amazing.

The next day, the owner of the mine invited Li Du to their house, but he didn't go. He had a visitor, the CEO of Harry Winston, Cole Winston.

When the gems had been dug up, he asked Sophie to call Cole and ask if the Winston group was interested in buying them.

This was his own group, and selling to his own people could make money for everyone involved. A profit was made when Li Du sold the gems to Harry Winston, and then Li Du could make another profit from the dividends when Harry Winston sold the finished products.

Li Du guessed Cole would be interested, but he didn't expect the man to show up in person. Cole had arrived by helicopter. The helicopter landed in the biggest parking lot in town.

Seeing Li Du, Cole held out his hand as soon as he got out, smiled warmly, and said, "Hi, Li, good fellow. Our days apart seemed like years." Cole had spoken this sentence in Chinese. While Cole had a strong aptitude for learning, he had made a mistake, too.

It was a pity that Cole didn't know enough Chinese to realize that this proverb was used mainly to describe longing between lovers, and yearning between good teachers and friends, but it was rarely used in modern society.

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