423 Humiliation

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Li Du looked at the young man who stopped him, and realized that the others were looking at him too. The skinny white man said furiously, "Shut up, Ted! You stupid idiot!"

The young man knew that he had said something wrong; he wanted to make up for his mistake so he shouted at Li Du, "Hey, Chinaman, you're here to look for trouble, yeah? F*ck you! We'll send you to jail and you'll be f*cked by the other men there!"

One of the men pushed Ted and said, "F*ck you Ted, you idiot, you want to be beaten up so badly?!"

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Li Du suddenly laughed. He didn't even have to make a move and there were already gaps between those guys.

A boneheaded teammate could do more harm than the most formidable opponent.

The skinny white man went to stop them and said impatiently, "Come on, go hold down that Chinaman and ask him what he's doing here!"

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