1252 Humanity

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Li Du could not deny that Hudi had superb eyesight. In such a windy dust storm, he was able to locate the campsite with just a small streak of light.

By that time, he had already let out the little bug. The little bug's vision was not affected by the dust storm. However, even the little bug could not beat Hudi in spotting the campsite because the place was camouflaged.

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Hudi stretched out his hand to point in the right direction, and Li Du let the little bug fly onward. Then he discovered that there was a protrusion from the taiga ground. There were two SUVs next to it. The vehicles had been covered with tarpaulins. If one did not pay special attention to look for it, they could easily miss it.

The protrusion resembled a small mound. However, there was a door made out of thick and solid wood at the south of the mound. The wood formed a sturdy, massive door.

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