1040 Huge Amount of Fake Product

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As brother Wolf said, these people were looking for trouble.

Seeing Brother Wolf get out of the car, the native people were not afraid, but his body size had a subtly powerful effect on them. They did not dare to treat him arrogantly like they treated Li Du.

The women among the crowd threw a tantrum, attempted to scratching Brother Wolf's face, and shouted.

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"Son of a bitch, how dare you bully my kids, have some compassion!"

"Go to hell, foreigner, you stinking bitch!"

"Take the money! Get the hell out of here! Hit him!"

Brother Wolf was no gentleman at all. Not stopping to consider whether the one in front of him was a man or a woman, he swung his hand, grabbed a fat lady and threw her into the crowd. He swung his fist and dashed forward to beat the offenders down.

Li Du shouted, "Catch them, I have already called the police! Let them pay for it! Fixing this car would cost at least a hundred thousand dollars!"

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