581 How Did This Happen?

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As the solution that Christopher and the rest had offered was evidently made after careful consideration, they had accurately addressed the needs of the hunters.

Just like what someone said: as long as they could find one or two boulder opals on this plot of land, then they would almost immediately earn back their investment.

In addition, according to the distribution of gem mines, this piece of land should be filled with boulder opals.

Immediately, someone was swayed. He went forward and said, "Buddy, I choose this piece—the one in the center. But 20,000 dollars is too steep. Bring the price down, since we're old friends."

Christopher rejected him. "Don't you even think about it, Rob. You know, if not out of pity for you guys, I wouldn't even sell it for 20,000 dollars. So don't try to negotiate with me, okay?"

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