259 House on Wheels

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After reaching Flagstaff, Li Du rested until the cool evening arrived before going to the Fox’s apartment for the design of their storage site.

Godzilla was sitting at the entrance to the apartment, drinking chilled beer with a pile of beer cans lying beside him. The sight scared the cars driving by Godzilla—they accelerated at the sight of him.

Li Du laughed in amusement. "You’re scaring everyone, pal."

Godzilla, looking innocent, shrugged his shoulders. "I’m a big baby."

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Hans dozily popped his head out of an upstairs window. "Aren’t you both supposed to be taking a nap? What’s the commotion for? This is an act of disturbance!"

Li Du tossed a can of beer up to him and said, "It’s already evening—get your *ss down here!"

Hans caught the can of beer, opened it, and took a big gulp. "Cool!"

Li Du said, "We need to discuss the plans for building a small house."

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