669 Horseshoe Town

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After speaking with Brother Wolf, Li Du approached Hans, who was on the phone, and said, "Let Victoria stay and hang out with Ivana."

Hans covered the speaker and said, "I'm trying, but Mother Mesa's stubborn. I'll try harder."

Li Du waved his hand. "Not just try—exhaust all your means. Gotta keep her, it's a political mission."

Hans stared at him blankly and then spoke into his mobile phone. "Well, Mother Mesa, for God's sake, if like you said, you regard Little Fox Fox as your son, then let your children reunite . . . "

As he spoke, he came over and pushed Li Du away so that he couldn't listen in on the conversation.

More than ten minutes later, Hans hung up and walked over. He sighed, "As per your instruction, BOSS, I've completed the political mission."

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Li Du nodded satisfactorily. "Well done, Little Fox Fox." 

"Who's Little Fox Fox?" asked a stunned Big Quinn, who was hard at work.

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