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In the evening, a Chevrolet pickup and a Land Rover arrived at the side of the Steampunk Hotel.

The pickup opened up, and the plump Rambis jumped out from the passenger side with a thump. He then opened the back door of the truck, and Carl, who had a small mustache, appeared with a solemn look.

"Are you sure that Hans and that Chinese man are staying here?" Carl asked.

Rambis patted his strong wide chest and said, "Yes, brother-in-law. I swear that those two sons of b*tches are staying here."

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Carl nodded his head, as Rambis said in a praise-seeking tone, "And I even know which room they are staying in. Bedes, that jerk, has an exclusive room for them."

These words made Carl look even more solemn. Bedes was a scheming chap, and very good at managing his relationships with treasure hunters. He generally only kept the exclusive rooms for customers he deemed valuable.

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