642 Here For A Wife

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This type of soup was most suited to be eaten with dry bread. Coincidentally, Li Du had brought plenty of dry bread. He had brought it to satisfy Godzilla's hunger in case he did not eat well.

He took out a container of dry bread and scooped out a bowl of boiling hot sausage sauce. As the soup inside the pot had stewed long enough, it has already turned into thick sauce.

When placed into the sauce, the dry bread quickly softened from soaking up the thick sauce and became glutinous, sweet, and fragrant.

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Godzilla, who was too impatient to wait, stuffed a big piece into his mouth. As the sauce was boiling hot, he continuously exhaled through his mouth. Even so, he still forcefully swallowed it down afterward.

While Brother Wolf was testing out the temperature of the sauce, he saw this sight and could not help but say, "Such a tough man!"

He himself was unable to endure such a hot meal.

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