368 Here Comes The Trap

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Godzilla kicked the door of Hans’s room and shouted for Hans. A flustered and exasperated Hans came out of his room and said, "What’s up with all of you? I’m f*cking busy right now!"

"Harris from the Comanche Casino is here as well," said Li Du. "Lil’ Rick said that he’s gonna teach us a lesson. I want to know what they’re up to."

Hans smiled bitterly. "I wanna know too. But we can’t read their minds, so how can we know?"

Li Du beckoned and Ah Meow showed himself, fully equipped.

Hans immediately understood. "Agent Meow! You’re going to have Ah Meow spy on them?"

Li Du snapped his fingers and said, "Correct."

They needed Hans’s connections to find out the room number of the Ricks. Therefore, they needed to get him out of the room.

Hans made a phone call. "They’re just next to our hotel, room number 0211," said Hans. "Follow me."

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