366 Here Comes Ah Meow

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The first three storage units all contained fake mahogany furniture, but Mr. Li did not leave; he patiently viewed every piece of furniture in the units.

The reason why he did this was in hopes that the Mahogany Gallery had at least owned a few sets of genuine mahogany furniture—that not all the pieces of furniture were imitations.

But after using the little bug to ascertain the identity of all the furniture inside the units, Mr. Li was really furious.

D*mn! he cursed silently. None of them are real! That d*mned Mahogany Gallery is really unethical! All the furniture inside is fake!

Having used so much energy only to confirm that all the furniture inside the units were just knock-offs, Li Du felt like looking up the owner of the Mahogany Gallery and asking if his conscience had ever bothered him!

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