1206 Henderson

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The Iron Knight's engine was still running, and Brother Wolf's voice was faint, but Li Du could hear it nevertheless.

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There's a listening device in this car?

He shut his mouth and looked at Whirlwind in surprise. Whirlwind nodded to assure him this was true.

Brother Wolf whispered, "Let's go back and talk."

On the car, Li Du said, "Hey, Whirlwind, your performance was poor this time. I bet five thousand dollars on you, man…"

All along the way, they talked about truck driving.

After returning to the rented house, Li Du asked directly, "What happened? How could there be a listening device in the car?"

Whirlwind said, "I found out on the way. There was a moment when I decelerated because of this. The thing was hidden under the passenger seat, and I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't accelerated so hard that something rolled off the navigation bridge."

Brother Wolf asked, "What model?"

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