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Conrad was furious and wanted to curse. He really wanted to curse!

He was actually a very cautious person. He had worked with his dad, George Anthony, throughout the years and greatly built up this character.

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He had experienced continuous conflict with Li Du because the two of them shared different opinions.

The conflict between the two of them began when they met each other for the first time. Brother Wolf had been holding his neck, which made him terribly embarrassed. After that, he was always opposing Li Du because both of them were about the same age, yet Li Du's talent was outstanding. This made him extremely jealous.

As his father was a talented treasure hunter, he had grown up surrounded by an environment filled with flattering bootlicker comments. For that reason, it was upsetting for him to be around Li Du.

At first, he planned to teach Li Du a lesson by crushing him at the basketball court.

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