771 Hello, Treasure Island

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This exciting misunderstanding made Li Du feel very embarrassed. The damage to the Australian black flying fox had been caused by a cat, who was jointly liable with the owner.

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Just now, Ah Meow had attacked so quickly that Li Du could not have stopped him if he had tried. This was the nature of the tiger cat.

However, it was not appropriate to place the blame entirely on the cat. How could they know that this seemingly evil and ferocious flying fox actually was a tame animal?

Li Du believed that anyone who first saw a large flying fox would feel frightened, especially when he was in a daze. When he opened his eyes and saw that thing, he was scared to death.

However, Sophie was a surgeon. She took animal medicine in college and was nearly a veterinarian. She also helped treat Ah Meow when he was hurt.

It could have been that he hurt the flying fox by mistake, so she helped.

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