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Li Du and his companions walked out of prison. Porter was there to receive them and

bring them back to his villa.

On the way back, Hans bought a couple of newspapers. The front pages were all

plastered with news and headlines about their case.

The case had been labeled as corrupt and shady and had become infamous news in

the American judicial system.

Bartley Jones, meanwhile, was very unlucky. He had been suspended to undergo

investigations, and Li Du and his group were banned from leaving Miami for one week.

They were to cooperate with the ongoing investigation works of the FBI.

Li Du was in no hurry to leave. Back at the villa, he enjoyed a warm shower, changed

his clothes and thanked Porter profusely, as did Sophie.

Porter waved his hand modestly and said, "My friends and I did not do much. The

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Vanderbilt family were very helpful. Do you have any relationship with them?"

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