1086 Heart Gone Dead

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After Li Du left the house, the scene changed.

Ah Meow was clawing in all directions, and Ali's front limbs had been scratched and

were trembling.

Following that, Ah Meow suddenly turned around and climbed up the tree. Then, like it

was performing an airborne stunt, it jumped off the tree and scratched Ali's head with its


Ali yelped as some of its fur was ripped off and scattered in the air.

Upon touching the ground, Ah Meow jumped forward. With all its paws on Ali's body, it

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climbed up at lightning speed. Once Ah Meow climbed onto Ali's back, it scratched with

all its might.

The kangaroo was in excruciating pain. Its head and back were its most vulnerable

areas. If this were a martial arts novel, those areas would have been the deadliest pain

points. A strike to those areas would greatly reduce its ability to defend itself.

Ali was hurt and in a flurry as it rolled on the ground in pain.

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