182 He’s Gone!

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Li Du immediately rejected the offer. "Forget it. I have no interest and I don’t want to learn."

Lin Ping drank some juice and said, "It’s simple, and I’m not letting you play, just teaching—"

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Li Du shook his head and joked, "I’m a person without self-control—I don’t dare to learn it. I’m afraid that once I learn how to play, I won’t be able to resist playing, and then end up sinking in it."

Hearing that, Lin Ping blinked his eyes, lowered his head and said, "It’s just cards, nothing much; just play a few rounds whenever you’re bored. Look at me: from the afternoon until now I’ve made a total of 100,000 dollars!"

Li Du’s expression remained indifferent. One hundred thousand was quite a lot of money, but he didn’t care. The watch on his hand was one worth four to five million.

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