1314 Have Some Coffee

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It was inevitable that the fall of the big man would make a noise. In the silent night, the sound was loud and clear and the surrounding people turned around for a look.

At the same time, the howling of a wolf rang out not far away. A large wolf, with its head raised up towards the moon, howled as its green eyes glowed. "Owww, Owwww!"

"F*ck!" Seeing that, Blodwen lashed out, "D*mn it, where did the wolf come from?"

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Another man said hesitantly, "Seems like… seems like they brought their pets. But as I didn't see very clearly, I cannot be certain…"

The wolf started howling again and the silent, deserted campsite instantly became livelier.

The light beams from the eight cars became brighter. The engines started and the big cars started moving. They looked like giant monsters that have been awakened from a deep sleep and switched over to attack mode.

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