694 Hard Drinking

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Although Hans was not interested in the roasted peanuts, he became a little interested in the potatoes when Li Du took them out and roasted them.

Americans could not live without potatoes. Mashed potatoes and baked potatoes were practically a type of staple food.

The rat had stolen a few large potatoes. After the potatoes had been roasted, they looked very ugly with their charred black exterior. However, after the outer layer had been peeled, there was yellowish-white roasted potato meat inside.

In the freezing cold weather, the potatoes, which had just been roasted, gave off thick hot steam. The fragrance of the potatoes themselves continuously went into the noses of everyone, who couldn't help but feel hungry.

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Li Du shoved a piece to Ah Meow. Even though Ah Meow was not too fond of eating vegetarian food, he was able to eat two bites after taking the fragrance of the roasted potatoes into consideration. 

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