624 Happiness From Within

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After seeing Li Du take the meat out, Ah Meow and Ah Ow ran over and tried to outrun each other. Ah Meow gently jumped onto the top of the refrigerator while Ah Ow jumped with all her strength and collided into the refrigerator with a bang.

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"Aoow! Aoow!" Ah Ow howled.

Victoria was shocked and said, "Ah Ow is in pain from the collision."

Li Du waved his hand. "That's not possible, Ah Ow's bones are hard. She won't feel any pain even if she bangs into a car."

Ah Ow was grieving not because of pain but because of discontent.

Hans and the others were uninterested in defrosting the pork. Christians were not allowed to eat the intestines of animals. Although they were not Christians, they had been influenced by their surroundings and were also uninterested in intestines.

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