695 Hans’s Teacher

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The power of the electric hotpot was turned up, and soon the bone broth bubbled again. The beef and mutton slices rolled about in the soup—it was steaming.

Li Du waved his hand. "Let's eat."

Without any hesitation, Godzilla took the ladle and scooped the meat into his big bowl. He had eaten hotpot with Li Du to a few times back in Flagstaff, and was familiar with the seasonings and how to go about it.

Big Quinn was more polite, nodding at Mrs. Li respectfully. "Madam, you first please."

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Li Du translated, and Mrs. Li waved her hand. "You guys eat first, you guys eat first. So sorry to have caused all of you to be so tired today—"

Godzilla gulped loudly as he polished off the whole bowl of meat. His long arms stretched out to reach for the ladle as he added more scoops of meat into his bowl.

Mrs. Li had only been halfway through her sentence. "The first bowl—finished already?"

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