966 Hadza

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The African grasslands were as wide as the sea. In Li Du's eyes, the grasslands in this season of the year appeared the same no matter where he looked. If he were alone, he would have lost his way.

Fortunately, it was not necessary for him to know the terrain. Abdo was leading the way. He was a human GPS of the prairie and remembered every path.

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However, no man is perfect, and sometimes Abdo would lead them astray. Then they would have to stop for a while to wait, while Abdo wandered around looking for the way back.

After walking for some time, Li Du saw a lush forest of a kind rarely seen on the grasslands, and asked the lion hunter, "Are we going the wrong way again?"

The lion hunter took a puff on his cigar and went to talk to Abdo. When he returned, he shook his head and said, "We are not lost. Abdo wants to find something here."

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