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Hans pointed at one of the oil paintings. It depicted a blonde youth with a long face. He was wearing a lot of jewelry and accessories. On the painting, it said, Spoilum, February 1779, A Painting for the Prince of Hawaii Hill in the Pearl River Port.

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Li Du asked, "So what?"

Hans continued, "You've read it. That's a prince. Although it is not clear which Hawaiian prince he is, he must be famous. What if we manage to connect with his descendants and sell this painting to them?"

Nodding, Li Du said, "That's a good idea. However, there are two concerns. One, his descendants might not be rich enough. Two, rich people are no fools either. They would not let you jack up the price."

Hans grinned. "Of course, but they would definitely be willing to buy the painting for more than the market price. This painting would be considered meaningful to his family. Of course, the assumption is that his descendants are still around."

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